Frontpoint Home Security Review 2022

After hours of research, testing, and interviews, we recommend Frontpoint for its vast coverage.
High-end DIY pick
4.3 out of 5 stars
  • Pros
    Tons of equipment options
  • Pros
    Video monitoring, app included
  • Cons
    Above-average prices

Info current as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Katie McEntire
Staff Writer, Safety & Security
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Published on January 04, 2022

Frontpoint makes DIY home security look as good as a full-service professionally installed security system. You get more equipment options than with most other DIY home security companies, so Frontpoint can protect both the inside and outside of your home. That’s a rare find for DIY security systems.

Plus, you can enjoy Frontpoint contract free. But that polish and array of options comes with a higher price tag that could deter folks on a budget.

Frontpoint sale
deals icon

Frontpoint is offering home security packages starting at $99 + a free doorbell camera.

Info current as of publish date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change. 

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet Easy install
Pro Bullet Free mobile app
Pro Bullet Wide equipment options
Pro Bullet Crash & Smash protection
Pro Bullet Live video feed
Pro Bullet ID theft protection
Con Heading
Con Bullet Average smart home abilities
Con Bullet Higher monitoring fees
Con Bullet No pro install options

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How Frontpoint stacks up

Professional monitoring starting at
Lowest equipment price
Financing available
Self-monitoring option
Learn more
Whole-property pick



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Icon No  LightNo
Reader favorite



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Icon Yes  LightYes
Best smart home compatibility



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Most customer-focused



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Budget pick



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Info current as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.
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Frontpoint VIP deal
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Frontpoint teamed up with SafeWise to offer you an exclusive home security system monitoring deal! Choose the Interactive Monitoring plan to get mobile control and professional monitoring of your system for $34.99 a month ($15/mo. savings)!

Info current as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Frontpoint pricing and contracts

Monitoring fee
Mobile app alerts
Video streaming
Smart lock
Doorbell camera
Learn more
Entry-level monitoring
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon No  LightNo
Icon No  LightNo
Icon No  LightYes
Video and smart home monitoring
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon Yes  LightYes

Info current as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

While it's not the cheapest system out there, you get the best of both worlds with Frontpoint’s DIY installation and high-end equipment options. Plus, every Frontpoint customer now gets identity theft protection through Allstate Identity Protection at no extra cost so you're protected at home and online.

You won’t have a long-term contract with Frontpoint if you purchase equipment up front. And Frontpoint offers SafeWise readers a discounted entry-level plan: for $34.99 a month (around the industry average for professional monitoring), you can control your Frontpoint system with the app and use geofencing to do things like arm or disarm the system when you're within a certain distance of it.

If you upgrade to get video monitoring and smart home control, you'll pay $49.99 per month—that's in line with other top-tier monitoring plans in the industry.

Light Bulb
Standout identity protection

Every Frontpoint system comes with Frontpoint ID Protect (for free) powered by AllState Identity Protection:

  • Allstate Digital Footprint lets you manage personal data all in one spot.
  • Data security professionals are available 24/7 to investigate suspicious activity.
  • Frontpoint notifies you right away when someone uses your accounts. You can take action from your dashboard.

Frontpoint equipment

Frontpoint has all the security favorites you need for a solid home defense system.

Two pieces of equipment stand out among Frontpoint’s product lineup: the tough-as-nails keypad and smart hub. If an intruder damages one of them, the system automatically notifies the professional monitoring center.

The hub also has a 24-hour emergency backup and encrypts information coming in and out of your home so you’re safer from online intruders too.

white frontpoint hub with green key logo


Frontpoint keypad


Frontpoint motion sensor

Motion detector

Door and window sensor

Compare Frontpoint equipment packages

The basic prepackaged plans come with a smart hub and keypad, door/window sensors, and a motion sensor. You also get a yard sign, window decals, and door stickers.

Door and window sensors
Motion sensors
Smoke and heat sensor
Indoor camera
Learn more
The Safehouse 21
The Bunker3111
The Fortress6211

Info current as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Frontpoint has only one option for monthly monitoring and three prepackaged equipment plans. All prepacked plans come with a hub and keypad, but the specifics vary to fit your home.

If you decide to take the plunge and pay for all your equipment in one go, you can enjoy the monitoring service contract free. Or you can finance your equipment as part of a 36-month contract.

The good news is you can pay very little up front to get Frontpoint in your home. And you can enroll in a Bread consumer financing plan that allows you to pay $10 a month for your Frontpoint equipment over the course of the contract, though you have to get a credit check to qualify.

While the payment plan requires a contract, it doesn’t renew automatically, and you can pay it off early without penalty.

Buying additional Frontpoint sensors and accessories

We like that Frontpoint lets you customize its packages to suit your needs or build a custom system entirely from scratch. You can customize each Frontpoint security package with extra equipment, but you pay for every additional device.

As with most wireless home security sensors, the name describes the best use for a particular sensor. So the sensors you choose ultimately boil down to what you want to monitor, like a garage door or an aging water heater.

In certain cases, like with the carbon monoxide sensor, it’s a lot more affordable to get unconnected versions at a hardware store or retailer. They might not have central station monitoring, but you don’t have to skimp on putting enough detectors around your home.

Still, we think monitoring these devices is a good choice if you have limited mobility to get out of your home by yourself in an emergency or often go on extended trips.

Frontpoint equipment
Door and window sensor
Motion sensor
Touchscreen keypad
Extra keypad
Glass break sensor
Garage door sensor
Smoke and heat sensor
Frontpoint equipment
Carbon monoxide sensor
Flood sensor
Panic pendant
Yard sign
Door sticker
Window decals
(set of 3)

Info current as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Frontpoint home security cameras

Frontpoint has four security cameras to choose from. All four of them provide a crisp, clear image and connect to your Frontpoint smartphone app.

Security camera
Frontpoint indoor security cameraIndoor Camera
Frontpoint premium indoor security cameraPremium Indoor Camera
Frontpoint outdoor security cameraOutdoor Camera
Frontpoint doorbell cameraDoorbell Camera
Frontpoint price

Info current as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Here’s what we like best about Frontpoint's security cameras:

  • The Indoor Camera is more affordable than other Frontpoint cameras, so it’s a good option if you have a tight budget.
  • The Premium Indoor Camera has a wide-angle lens and two-way audio that make it ideal for checking in on your family while you’re away from home. It also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker if you want to relax with some tunes.
  • The Outdoor Camera is a good choice if you want to spot trouble outside your home. It has powerful infrared night vision so you can monitor your yard any time of day.
  • Get the Doorbell Camera if you want a view of the porch so you know when deliveries and guests arrive.

The best part is that Frontpoint’s cameras are as easy to set up as its other products.

Frontpoint smart home features and compatibility

While Frontpoint’s smart home capabilities aren’t groundbreaking, the system plays well with others like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Because of this, it integrates with home automation devices better than most DIY brands like SimpliSafe.

You can purchase smart light bulbs, wireless light controllers, and door locks directly from Frontpoint.

It’s also compatible with a small list of third-party Z-Wave devices like a thermostat, light modules, and sirens. Overall, it doesn’t blow us away, but Frontpoint is a good starter system for smart home newcomers.

Frontpoint smart home equipment

Smart home equipment
Frontpoint Light BulbLight Bulb
Frontpoint Wireless Light ControlWireless Light Control
Frontpoint smart lockFrontpoint Smart Door Lock by Yale
Frontpoint thermostatSmart Thermostat
Frontpoint price

Info current as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Here’s what we like about Frontpoint’s smart home equipment:

  • The light bulb lets you quickly convert lamps and light fixtures into smart lights without fiddling with wiring.
  • The Wireless Light Control is a simple smart plug that supports lamps and small appliances, making it a great option to control fans or even indoor Christmas lights.
  • If you buy a Z-Wave smart lock from Frontpoint, you’ll get one of our favorite Yale smart locks: the Yale Assure SL.
  • With Frontpoint’s Smart Thermostat, you can set up schedules and adjust temperature and humidity. It will also shut off your furnace in a fire.

But keep in mind that smart home devices are only half of the equation. You can control your entire Frontpoint system from a smartphone app.

The devices in this system connect smoothly so you can train Frontpoint to disarm when the kids get off the bus, keep living room lights on when you’re out of town, or even let in the plumber when they ring your video doorbell.

All of this can minimize false alarms and help you welcome the people you want inside and keep out the rest.

Frontpoint DIY installation

Person installing Frontpoint via tablet

Frontpoint’s systems are tough, reliable, and, best of all, a breeze to install. The company consistently gets high marks on our DIY home security systems.

Other high-end security companies like Vivint and ADT require a home visit from an installation professional and charge for hours of installation before you can get started with your system.

All you need to do with Frontpoint is order the system you want. Once it lands on your doorstep, simply open the box and set it up.

The packaging comes with login information for your personalized account, default keycodes to get you started, and detailed instructions about how to use the app and connect your devices.

“I set it [the system] up using a tablet and the step-by-step instructions were easy to follow.” —Wayne T., SafeWise product tester

The Frontpoint app is your main guide to installation. Simply follow the instructions on your mobile device to set up the smart hub and keypad.

Most of the hardware (door/window sensors, motion detectors, etc.) has a simple peel-and-stick backing that sticks directly to the wall.

There’s no drilling or wiring involved. Simply press the device onto a flat, dry surface. Even the most complex devices, like the doorbell, require only a screwdriver.

For the most part, if you can change a lightbulb or peel a sticker, you can install a Frontpoint system in your home. This makes it a great option for renters too.

Frontpoint customer service

Many of the Frontpoint reviews we read offered high praise for the easy setup and friendly service, though we saw complaints about cancellation being a pain (not a problem if you opt out of the contract). 

In recent years, Frontpoint has made a few changes to both its equipment and its buying process after customer feedback:

  • Ditching contracts: We'd been telling Frontpoint to get rid of its contracts for some time. In November 2019, it started offering no-contract options for customers who want more flexibility.
  • New smart home hub: Frontpoint sat down with to create a unique control panel that’s exclusive to Frontpoint. The panel features advanced encryption to thwart hackers and a cellular connection with built-in Wi-Fi backup.
  • Military store outlets: To augment its online store, Frontpoint opened outlets on military bases across the country. Military families get a discount on Frontpoint products and services, and they can walk out of the store with their Frontpoint system in hand.
  • Adding an entry-level plan: We gave feedback about Frontpoint's limited monitoring plan options, and Frontpoint responded with a cheaper monitoring plan for our readers that included app access (a must in our minds).

When you need assistance, Frontpoint’s phone lines are open until 11 p.m. on weekdays and until 7 p.m. (EST) on weekends.

For quick questions, Frontpoint's online support center has user guides, FAQs, and helpful videos to assist. The Frontpoint app also has a help center and can answer most of your questions.

“Both times I talked with customer service, I was impressed. They were casual and friendly and didn’t push me into anything. Also, when I asked for a discount, they gave me one.” —Wayne T., SafeWise product tester

Final word

Frontpoint offers equipment to protect your entire property with an optional contract.

Installation is easy as peeling a sticker, and the customer service representatives are friendly and available every day of the week.

And while Frontpoint doesn’t have much of its own smart home equipment, the system connects smoothly with the app for remote access at home or away.

Frontpoint FAQ

Does Frontpoint have a contract?

Frontpoint doesn’t require a contract or credit check to qualify for the system (unless you finance your equipment), a plus for both renters and homeowners. If you find yourself moving to a new address, Frontpoint can send you a moving kit that includes a box for your equipment and basic instructions for removing and reinstalling your system.

How does Frontpoint’s money-back guarantee work?

Frontpoint offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. The 30-day period starts from the day you receive your Frontpoint home security system.

If, during the first 30 days, you decide that the Frontpoint system isn’t for you, you can return it for a full refund—and Frontpoint will pick up the shipping costs too.

How much equipment should I get?

Whether you’re in a small apartment or a large home, we recommend buying enough sensors to monitor every entrance. From your front door to the patio, a DIY security system is only effective when installed correctly.

Does Frontpoint have an equipment warranty?

Yes. As long as you are paying for professional monitoring, Frontpoint covers all of your equipment for up to three years.

If a motion sensor or one of your door sensors stops working, contact Frontpoint’s customer care team and they’ll send you a new one free of charge.

Can a Frontpoint home security system work for renters?

Because all of Frontpoint’s equipment is wireless, it’s a good match for renters. There are no holes to drill or wires to connect, which makes it easy to take your Frontpoint system with you if you move.

Just be sure to check with your landlord about any rules or restrictions for security systems, especially if you plan to use security cameras in areas where other residents could appear on video.

How we reviewed Frontpoint

While online resources like product manuals and customer reviews factor into our review, we also got to experience this system firsthand.

We believe experiencing systems for ourselves brings better insight than anything we can find online, so we test products whenever possible. Through the eyes of our in-house tester, we learned about customer service, the company’s 30-day money-back guarantee, installation, and day-to-day operation.

Learn more about how we review Frontpoint and other security systems on our methodology page.

Frontpoint Home Security System

The Frontpoint system we got our hands on

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Katie McEntire
Written by
Katie McEntire
As a renter, pet-owner, and woman living alone, Katie McEntire takes safety seriously. She’s tested devices like pet cameras, home security systems, and GPS trackers in her own home and devices in the name of safety. In addition to testing, writing, and reviewing for SafeWise, she also makes videos for the site’s YouTube channel. She’s been featured on publications like TechGuySmartBuy, Forbes, Healthy Moms, and Digital Care. Katie has a Bachelor’s degree in Technical Writing from Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee. She’s held previous writing positions at and Top Ten Reviews.

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  • Paul Binford

    Frontpoint is difficult and expensive to cancel. I have spent hours on hold and transfered to numerous reps. It has been over 2 months since I discontinued service and they are still charging my credit card. I am being told that I need to initiate a new cancelation and will be billed for yet another month because they require a 30 day notice and do not prorated. Frontpoint will not cancel until you both call and then process on online cancelation request. After wasting 4 hours yesterday attempting to initiate my second cancelation request, I did not receive the Email with required link to process the cancelation. Now I will need to spend hours on hold again today.

  • sc456a

    The initial process of getting setup with Frontpoint was frustrating but once I got my welcome kit things went smoothly. The system was easy to install and worked fairly well over the four years we had it. There are some nagging issues with sensor reliability but overall it was easy to use.

    When we moved and needed to cancel, Frontpoint’s true colors were shown. You can’t cancel via the website, live chat, or email; you have to call. Their hold times for cancelling are ridiculous unless you call first thing in the morning. When you finally reach someone, the call takes less than three minutes with most of that time consumed by Frontpoint offering you various promotions to try and change your mind.

    When you don’t, they send you an email with a form that you have to fill out in order to cancel your account. The form is, of course, on the same website where they tell you that you have to call to cancel. The form tries a few more times to convince you to stay. It doesn’t give you an option to choose a cancellation date – your account is cancelled on the date in which you submit the form.

    Here’s the kicker – Frontpoint charges you for an extra month of service AFTER you cancel. I called them about this and they said that cancelling is just “giving them 30 days notice”. No. Cancelling is cancelling. I don’t want or need to use the service anymore. I cancelled effective today. The website even told me that when I cancelled I would no longer be able to use the service to request first responders.

    Now I’m stuck paying for a service I no longer want and my opinion of Frontpoint is ruined forever. Hope that $44.99 was worth it, Frontpoint.

  • # Guest

    I have had Frontpoint for just shy of a year. I decided to cancel because I felt I was not getting any value from their service. I had heard nothing but great things about their customer service, that has not been my experience. I was told something different by every “account specialist” I spoke with when it became apparent I wanted to cancel. Finally I spoke with someone claiming to be in charge of Frontpoint accounts and was flat out told I had no choice but to pay them, or they will not cancel my account.

    Ultimately, Frontpoint’s hidden monthly contract will cost you. I signed up for service with the understanding that I can cancel anytime because there was no contract. only to be told that I was enrolled in a monthly contract when I signed up. This is hidden in their fine print. You will end up paying for two extra months of service you do not want. These unethical acts of deceptive marketing and misleading sales practices are all too often accepted. Be wary, Frontpoint is not looking out for you, they just want you to pay for their bloated services.

  • albert dominguez

    This company is a total rip-off. I had the service for six months after my three-year contract expired. Then all of a sudden, the alarm sensors begin to fail, and the company denied any support or assistance unless I signed another contract. I then cancelled the service. A year later I still have them calling me EVERYDAY to HARASS ME because they fail to accept request to cancel my service. EVEN THOUGH I NO LONGER HAD A CONTRACT. CRAZY. I cancelled by phone and by email and they still want to charge me for service for several months after I cancelled. This company is criminally guilty of unethical business practices. How can anyone trust them with home security. So many other choices out there. This one is to be avoided. SEE the terrible reviews below. I recommend never to even consider them as an option. Sooner or later you WILL BE SORRY.

  • Amanda Sheets

    They require ridiculous amounts of notice if you cancel–even after being a long-time customer. I will never use them again and I intend to tell everyone I know to go elsewhere. I haven’t even had service the last few months (cross-country move), so decided to finally cancel instead of “pause” my account continuously (as I don’t need it in my current living situation). So, they’re charging me. I’ve been a customer for YEARS. What? This is nonsense, and I cannot recommend. GO ELSEWHERE.

  • Karen Anderson

    Frontpoint locks you into a 3 year contract with expensive monthly monitoring fees. I used their service for several years but decided to go with another company. I had canceled my debit card and ordered a new one just in case. They continued to bill me for 6 months even though I canceled. I paid the 6 months and wrote them a letter to cancel hoping this would stop. It didn’t. I just received a new bill for $60. They refuse to cancel unless I do so via the phone and give them access to my debit or credit card. That’s not going to happen. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Frontpoint has a 2 star rating there. I’m not surprised.

    • Rebecca Edwards

      We’re sorry to hear about your frustrating experience. Frontpoint did require 3-year contracts. In November 2019 the company changed its policies and a contract for monitoring service is no longer required. However, I believe customers who signed up prior to that did get tied to the 36-month contract. Under the prior terms early cancellation required the customer to pay off 80% of the time remaining in the contract. New customers can get monitoring month-to-month with no penalty to cancel.

      We were glad to see the company make the changes, but we’re sorry you haven’t been able to benefit from them.

      Thank you for sharing your experience, and again, we’re sorry you have to deal with this.

    • Rob Taylor

      DIY security is great for apartment dwellers but three year contracts make it a no-can-do.

      So thanks for the headsup.