Vivint Smart Home Security Review

Vivint is high-end security at a price to match, but its tech and full-service experience make it worth it.
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4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Pros
    Pro monitoring starts at $29.99/mo.
  • Pros
    Advanced smart home tech
  • Pros
    Customized security solutions
Rebecca Edwards
Security Expert, Safety & Tech Reporter
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Published on December 13, 2021
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Vivint is offering free installation and $0 activation fees for a limited time.

Info current as of publish date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change. 

With Vivint home security, your imagination sets the limits. Vivint security systems offer killer customization, high-end smart home integrations, and professional installation.

Vivint can come at a high price, but impressive new security cameras and one app for everything are just two reasons that Vivint’s smarter home security systems are worth the price of admission. We believe in this brand so much that it's our number one pick for best security system.

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet Total customization
Pro Bullet Pro install, maintenance, repairs
Pro Bullet Portable, wireless equipment
Pro Bullet Month-to-month contract option
Pro Bullet Mobile app with every plan
Pro Bullet $0 down with consumer financing
Pro Bullet Quality equipment, advanced security features
Con Heading
Con Bullet Higher overall costs
Con Bullet Lingering customer service woes
Con Bullet Limited third-party smart home integration

Compare Vivint monitoring plan costs

All of Vivint’s professional monitoring plans come with a $49 installation fee and the option to get started for $0 down with third-party consumer financing. The contract length for all plans is 42 to 60 months, or if you pay up front, there's no contract at all. You can learn more in our Vivint costs guide.

Monthly fee
Smart security features
Learn more
Smart Security Monitoring Vivint Sky Control PanelVivint app
Smart Home Monitoring Vivint smart home Vivint app
Voice commands
Smart thermostat
Smart lighting
Smart door lock
Smart Home Video Monitoring Vivint equipmentAll Smart Home plan features plus:
Smart Deter
Package protection
Live video streaming

Info current as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Are Vivint security systems right for you?

When we call Vivint a high-end, full-service home security system, we’re not kidding around. Here’s a quick look at what you’ll get from a Vivint home security system:

  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Professional installation
  • Total customization to fit your home
  • Personal introduction to the system and the Vivint app
  • Vivint smart home app to control everything
  • Smart security cameras, including a doorbell camera, with advanced safety features
  • Professional maintenance and repairs
  • Lifetime equipment warranty
  • Multiple contract options

Even though Vivint systems have made big improvements to its customer policies, including a $0 down financing option and the chance to go contract-free with an outright equipment purchase, it’s still a pricier security system.

To take full advantage of Vivint home security systems' advanced tech and high-end security features, you’ll pay upwards of $40 a month, compared to the average $31 monthly pro monitoring cost among the security systems we’ve tested and reviewed.

That said, we think this is a case of “you get what you pay for”—and with Vivint, you get a whole lot of security innovation and quality service for your monthly fee.

If you’ve got room in your security budget and want the reassurance that comes with professional installation and cutting-edge home security equipment, Vivint should top your list.

How Vivint stacks up

Best for
Lowest monitoring price
Starter equipment price
Contract required
Smart home compatibilityIcon Tooltip  Dark
Learn more
Read review
Best overall$599.00
Icon Yes  LightNo *
ProAmazon, Google,
High-end DIY pick$99.00
Icon Yes  LightNo
DIYAmazon, Google,
Reader favorite$229.00
Icon Yes  LightNo
DIYAmazon, Google
Best customer experienceQuote required
Icon Yes  LightNo *
Most experienced $0.00
Icon No  LightYes
ProAmazon, Google,
Z-Wave price as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change. Read full disclaimer.
Full ADT disclaimer

Vivint’s going to cost you more overall. But you get what you pay for, and Vivint is one of the only home security companies that’s constantly innovating and adding new bells and whistles to its equipment and app offerings.

Instead of delivering the same white-label equipment and cookie-cutter app that many other companies do, Vivint made its own—a big reason why the company’s higher prices are worth it.

And the addition of a no-contract option for professional monitoring shows that Vivint’s listening—and responding—to the demands of home security customers, unlike some of its competitors. (We're looking at you, ADT).

Vivint pricing and contracts

Vivint offers a few payment options. You can choose Vivint Flex Pay and finance the cost of equipment (which will be on top of your monthly monitoring fee), or you can pay for your equipment up front and pick up monitoring on a month-to-month basis. If you go the contract route, you’re looking at a commitment of 42 or 60 months. (That’s five years!)

But Vivint recently told us that you can put $0 down when you choose to finance so that long-term contract might be worth it for little to nothing due up front. (We've got the scoop on how to get out of your Vivint contract too.)

Shopping in Canada?

Vivint's Canada pricing is the same as its US pricing, and it's always in USD. The only difference is financing: Canadian customers must finance systems for only 12 months rather than 60.

If you pick the no-contract option, the up-front equipment cost can run you upwards of $1,000 to outfit your home with the basics. That’s a lot of sticker shock, especially when you look at DIY security companies like SimpliSafe that offer basic equipment packages starting under $300.

You can learn more in our Canadian Security Systems guide.

Video: Vivint review

Find us on YouTube for more about Vivint and other home security systems.

Vivint equipment and fees

We’ve said it before (and now we’re going to say it again!)—but you won’t find a security system with more smarts than Vivint. From security cameras and smart thermostats to automatic door locks, Vivint has a variety of home automation devices to choose from.


Vivint tech lineup

  • Carbon monoxide detector: $100.00
  • Flood sensor: $69.99
  • Freeze sensor: $69.99
  • Smoke detector: $100.00
  • Smart door lock: $159.99
  • Garage door controller: $99.00
  • Smart home appliance control module: $49.99
  • Lamp module: $50.00
  • Element Thermostat: $169.99
  • Nest L Thermostat: $249.99
  • Nest E Thermostat: $169.99

You can learn more about all the devices offered by Vivint in our Vivint equipment guide.

Vivint smart home keeps households connected

Best monitoring plan for smart homes

Info current as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

For busy families, Vivint’s smart home capabilities can do everything from increasing face time after school (thanks to Vivint’s interactive smart cameras) to cutting down on wasted electricity with a smart thermostat. These can be programmed to routines or adjusted remotely via the Vivint app.

No matter how busy you are, Vivint smart home technology helps you manage (and protect) your home from anywhere and at any time. Because Vivint Home Security has integrated smart home with home security, all the different pieces work together—without having to buy different devices from a multitude of companies (and crossing your fingers that they’ll work together).

Here’s a rundown of the smart home perks that make Vivint stand out in the field of home security and home automation.

  • Watch and listen from anywhere. All of Vivint’s smart security cameras use motion detection, two-way communication, night vision, and instant alerts to keep you in the know both inside and outside your home. Plus, the new Smart Deter feature catches “lurkers” in the act and shoos them away with sound and light.
  • Keep things locked up tight. With smart locks, you can control access to your home even if you’re across town (or at the beach). Whether you have kids coming home after school or need to let in the pet sitter, you can skip making copies of keys thanks to easy keyless entry.
  • Save money and cut down on waste. Vivint's smart thermostat can help you save money every month. The Element Thermostat learns your habits and adapts to your needs. If you usually turn up the heat before settling in to binge on your latest Netflix obsession, this thermostat might click on before you can grab a blankie.
  • Put a lid on oven fires (or any fires). Vivint's smart smoke alarm comes with a built-in transmitter that instantly connects you to the Vivint monitoring center when triggered, but the best part is that the Vivint smoke detector can actually shut down airflow to choke out flames while help is on the way. 
  • Never leave the garage door open again. Vivint’s Garage Door Controller lets you know if you drove away without putting the door down—and you don’t have to turn around to go home and close it. You can use remote control to close the garage door from the gym, the grocery store, or your office.
Light Bulb
Privacy concerns?

If you're worried about video footage being uploaded to the cloud, Vivint has you covered. We asked them how they protect customers' privacy.

Vivint doesn't track data from customer’s video footage. Video footage is encrypted from the Vivint Smart Hub all the way to the cloud and back. Only customers can decide who is allowed to access their Vivint system, including their video feeds.

vivint ping camera mounted on the wall

Vivint smart home compatibility

Surprisingly, Vivint Home Security has limited compatibility with third-party brands, but they make up for it with their full suite of proprietary smart home products.

The downside is if you've already started down the smart home path you might be disappointed to find out you need to buy duplicate items because the Vivint system isn't compatible with what you’ve already got.

On a broad scale, Vivint is currently compatible with only Google Nest and Amazon Echo.

Learn more by checking out our Vivint compatibility page

Smart home featureVivint equipment Third-party compatibility
Voice controlN/AAmazon Alexa, Google Home
Climate controlVivint Smart Thermostat Amazon Alexa, Google Home
Lighting controlLamp Module Z-Wave devices
Smart home hubSmart Home Panel Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Nest
Smart lockVivint Smart Locks, Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro Amazon Alexa, Google Home

Vivint Smart Hub: Vivint smart home system

For years, Vivint was a standout with its innovative Vivint SkyControl Panel that was the first to offer built-in two-way voice communication. And now Vivint is making smart home and security history again with its Smart Hub that acts as a smart home hub and can support up to six security cameras.

The most impressive part is that Vivint has solved the problem of multiple cameras bogging down your home Wi-Fi connection. Because security cameras use Wi-Fi to stream live security video, the more cameras you have, the slower your Wi-Fi gets.

But the Vivint Smart Hub has home video technology that lets you set up all the cameras you need to keep an eye on your home without eating up all your bandwidth.

Vivint mobile app

The Vivint Smart Home app is an easy way to keep tabs on your home 24/7 no matter where you are. You can check the live video feed from your home’s security cameras or remotely arm and disarm the Vivint alarm system from your phone.

The app is comparable to the navigation you’ll find on the control panel, which makes flip-flopping between the two a bit easier. Plus, Vivint told us they have a whole team dedicated to keeping its app user-friendly, easy to use, and packed with features that boost both your home’s security and its smart home automation.

Of all the home security apps we've reviewed, Vivint's is our favorite. See how it stacks up in our full review of home security phone apps and check out our review of the Vivint app.

Light Bulb
Water safety feature

Vivint has a handy feature for the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro that aims to make your backyard safer. It lets you create an additional detection zone around your pool using the Vivint app. When someone enters the detection area, the camera will automatically record a clip and send a notification to your phone.

How to install Vivint

Professional installation is your only choice with Vivint Smart Home. But we think that’s a good thing, especially when you’re dealing with this level of home security technology and smart home integration.

We like that you get to see exactly what’s happening. Plus, the added perk of a personal training session on how to operate your new Vivint home security system is a valuable bonus.


The biggest downside of pro installation is the time commitment—and if you work full time, that could mean using up precious PTO hours. Vivint doesn’t have the best track record for quick installs, either.

Depending on where you live, you could wait up to a week to get your system installed. That’s a long time for people who are eager to have their home and property protected after a break-in or buying a new house.

Installation costs

Vivint’s installation fees used to run from $99 up to $199. But Vivint changed its installation pricing to a flat $49 fee no matter which monitoring plan you choose or the amount of equipment installed. We’re not sure if this is a permanent change, so be sure to verify your installation costs when you schedule your installation appointment.

Vivint’s in-home security consultation

As part of its top-tier offerings, Vivint Home Security is one of just a few companies that provides a complementary security consultation. A Vivint security technician conducts an assessment that identifies security risks and offers solutions.

The consultation ensures you have all the equipment you need to protect your home. And it makes sure that equipment (like window, door, and motion sensors) is installed in the right location to maximize your home’s security.

The assessment takes place in tandem with your professional installation. The plus side is that you can add equipment you overlooked or eliminate extras you don’t really need. But the biggest drawback is that this opportunity for positive customer interaction can come across as salesy, which makes it hard for some customers to trust the recommendations.

Vivint customer service and support

This used to be one of Vivint’s weaker points. The company got off to a bumpy start when it first hit the home security scene, but it’s made big strides in this area over the past few years.

Vivint told us that customer feedback is a top priority for Vivint support and the company works hard to implement recommended changes. Those efforts seem to be paying off in accolades and higher ratings from both third-party sources and Vivint customers.

You can learn more in our Vivint customer service guide.

*Ratings as of December 06, 2021

Final word

Vivint lets you take the wheel when it comes to putting together the right security system for your needs. Everything is 100% customizable, and you won’t find a smarter home security solution. But Vivint’s high-end equipment comes at a price and requires the expertise of professional installers.

Thankfully, the company has brought its monthly monitoring fees in line with industry standards, so you’re not going to pay much more for 24/7 protection from Vivint. Even so, DIYers and budget-constrained folks may want to look elsewhere for the right home security solution.

Vivint FAQ

No—unlike many of its competitors, Vivint does not have a money-back guarantee. To find out more, visit our page devoted to FAQs about Vivint.

Yes. Vivint has a 120-day warranty for its professional installation, but the equipment has a lifetime warranty as long as you're a Vivint customer. Vivint will repair or replace equipment after the warranty period for a service charge (around $45).

And you can elect a Premium Service Plan, which extends the warranty for as long as you’re using Vivint to protect your home. If you purchase a third-party device that works with your Vivint system (like a Google Nest thermostat), the brand’s warranty will apply.

There isn’t an activation fee, but you will be charged a $49 installation fee with Vivint home security.

Yes—it’s called Vivint Smart Drive. This convenient service, once known as Space Monkey, provides secure storage much like an external hard drive. It allows you to stream and seamlessly upload all security camera clips with little to no effort. So you can forget about losing any important security recordings or even family photos once a device has kicked the bucket.

Yes. According to customer reviews, the Vivint smart home app is very user-friendly and offers an intuitive feel. Both iOS and Android users rate the app high, which isn’t always the case.

Yes. Vivint is compatible with both Google Nest and Amazon Echo products. When you pair your Vivint security system with one of these smart speakers you can use voice commands to check in on your system and control some features.

Yes. But some customers have reported that the Vivint sign seems smaller than other home security signs. Vivint assures us its signs are the same size as most other home security yard signs, but we recommend using a solar or battery-powered light to keep any home security sign visible at night as well as during the day.

Yes. A Vivint door lock for your garage is another security feature you can tack onto your alarm monitoring plan. Smart garage door openers can increase your home’s value and safeguard your valuables from thieves.

Yes—again, one of the company’s strongest selling points is the home automation capabilities.

If you choose to pay Vivint up front for the entire cost of your equipment, you’re automatically eligible for Vivint’s month-to-month contract and professional alarm monitoring. With this plan, you can cancel at any point in time. But if you don’t buy the equipment outright, you’re locked into a contract that could last up to five years.

Yes and no. Vivint Solar is the second-largest solar installer in the US, but it's a completely separate company from Vivint home security. They may share a name (and their beginnings) but both Vivint entities are independent companies that offer different services to homeowners.

Yes, it uses a cellular connection, so it will still work if your Wi-Fi is down. You won't be able to check the system or camera footage using the Vivint app until the Wi-Fi is up and running again, though.

Vivint and ADT are our two luxury, full-service home security brands. Here's a snapshot of how they stack up.


  • Pro installation
  • In-home security consultation
  • Long-term contracts
  • Extensive smart home integration
  • Higher prices


  • No-contract option with Vivint
  • 140+ years of ADT experience
  • ADT has more monitoring centers
  • Innovative proprietary equipment with Vivint

We can help you dig deeper into how Vivint compares to other top security brands—we already pitted them against one another:

Yes, Vivint is available in Canada. In fact, Vivint has a corporate location in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Vivint security equipment, hardware, and service are the same in Canada and the US.

We spoke with Vivint to confirm. They told us the only difference is in financing: Canadian customers work with Vivint directly instead of a third-party lender, and their financing contracts are limited to just 12 months.

How we reviewed Vivint

For our Vivint review, we got our hands on Vivint equipment, went through demos with Vivint technical experts, visited Vivint's headquarters for a behind-the-scenes look at how Vivint tech is developed, and participated in multiple interviews with Vivint representatives. 

We didn't just test it once, though. Our Vivint system is undergoing long-term testing in a real home.

For this Vivint security review, we also dove into dozens of expert reviews and hundreds of customer reviews. Some of the top points of comparison we used to evaluate Vivint are listed below.

  • Overall value
  • Equipment and monitoring costs
  • Smart home features and compatibility
  • Mobile app control and functions
  • Customer service
  • Company reputation

Learn more about how we rate and rank home security services in our full methodology.

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‡ ADT $27.99 Essential package: $99.00 Customer Installation Charge. 36-Month Monitoring Agreement required at $27.99 per month ($1,007.64). 24-Month Monitoring Agreement required at $27.99 per month ($671.76) for California. Form of payment must be by credit card or electronic charge to your checking or savings account. Offer applies to homeowners only. Local permit fees may be required. Satisfactory credit history required. Certain restrictions may apply. Offer valid for new ADT Authorized Dealer customers only and not on purchases from ADT LLC. Other rate plans available. Cannot be combined with any other offer. The $27.99 Offer does not include the 6-month guarantee or the Quality Service Plan (QSP). Quality Service Plan (QSP) is ADT’s Extended Limited Warranty. Landline monitoring only.

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Rebecca Edwards
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  • Dave Shifrin

    This was the worst experience I have ever had purchasing a service from someone. Why?
    Anytime there was something wrong with the equipment I had to deal with it myself (buy new equipment and configure it) or pay for a service guy to come out – even if the issue was on their side. This happened to both the front door lock and the doorbell camera.
    It is not possible to cancel with them — i have been living in a different state for over a year and the account is still open despite me having paid off my equipment (and proved it) and then paid whatever the fee was for cancelling early (it was a large fee too)
    When calling with issues the structure setup is not normal — each person you call can only do one very small thing… so if you actually need something done you end up going from person to person … in what feels like a big circle. I wouldnt be surprised if it turns out that this company is just scam — it really feels like one.

  • Kevin Taylor

    Free system and install

    $75.00 per month monitoring
    $20.00 per month monitoring is what I could find shopping around
    $55 extra costs per month in a 5 year contract.
    I was discussed. Sent salesman packing.
    Got a dog.
    Now Google nest and self monitoring
    Freedom from contracts

  • Sameh Mosli

    stay away from Vivint they are real scam! they will scam you and sign 5 years contract and give you all the promises that when you cancel you have only to pay whatever hardware you got from them but at the time of cancellation they scam and ask you to pay half of the contract!

    They’re really the worst company I ever dealt with! group of thiefs

  • T Brown

    Terrible customer service and product. And thermostat stopped working. They refused to send someone out to fix it until we provided them with a code that was sent to my husbands iCloud email that he’s locked out of. It’s been two days of 90 degree weather. They expect us to wait until we get some letter in the mail to verify who we are. My 3 kids, including my disabled daughter, and my long haired golden retriever are suffering in this heat and they refuse to do anything about it. My kids faces are red. My dog I keep having to put in my car with the AC on to cool him down, and my husband who sleeps during the day isn’t even able to sleep because it’s so hot! Horrible. We will be speaking with someone about legal action.

  • G Yow

    Vivint is a company that lies to its customers.
    They told me that they had dispatched a security patrol to my house on a false alarm but, when I checked my Ring security camera feeds, there were no security patrol knocking on my door. I gave Vivint the benefit of doubt by going back 1 hour and forward 1 hour of the camera recorded feed and nothing. This is the 1st lie.
    The customer service then told me that they will reimbursement me for the dispatch of security patrol fee. I received an email from vivint today telling me that they have denied the reimbursement. This is the 2nd lie from vivint.
    If anyone who is looking for an alarm system for your office or house, stay clear and away from vivint because you cannot trust a company that lies to the customers. Especially, when they are to make sure that your house or office is secured.

  • Herminio

    This company is a disgrace. They took my money and installed a half assed working system. Cameras constantly go down. Control panel constantly goes down. Sensors repeatedly not communicating with panel. Customer service is worse than the sensors! At least the sensors sometimes worked, their customer service reps sure the hell don’t. “Sorry for your troubles, we are going to upgrade your system to the newest version.” No call back, no further communication since. Then I call to find out what is going on with the upgrade and there are no records of that being offered to me, “but we are running a special if you would like to take advantage of it”. LOL what a joke. Like a moron I paid the system off and have kept the monthly service fee, at least I could find out if something happened on my property……And both cars broken into and robbed. I did get to see the video of it happen too! It was so crystal clear…The guy that broke in is a light skin blob wearing a blue blob and a black blob! WHAT QUALITY equipment. Tried to share the video to my phone and it actually through! WELL, the play button did but the video itself doesnt work. Fine, I’ll share it with the wife… And the video is now gone! Just like my money! This company has got to be run by the greatest magician ever. He makes and lets your possessions disappear then throws his hands up “not my problem”. Cool. Lesson learned. I will thank you this company for making realize once again, DO NOT TRUST ANYONE. ESPECIALLY THIS SECURITY COMPANY! USELESS company. I hope your company goes under and you all lose everything. You suck at life and you suck at your job. Good day.

  • Unknown Name

    DO NOT SIGN UP WITH VIVINT as a customer or as a employee, I am a current employee with vivint. I would HIGHLY recommend spending your money else where. First off, it’s an extremely liberal company. Second off, I can tell you that the system has extreme technical issues. Almost 2/3 of my calls a day are customers stating that their alarms are glitching causing alarms that are false, multiple times in one day. Even if you get to Technical support, and they will state that they fixed the issue and it may work correctly for the next week or so tops but then will go back to how it was before with the same issue(s). Vivint doesn’t take care of their employees and only care that people are paying for the system but don’t care about the customers who own the system. Vivint is so desperate for customers because all the current customers are fed up with the system and it’s issues that they are offering referral codes to customers to try and get new people to sign up. Their incentive is if someone signs up that they will give you a $200 credit or a free doorbell camera but when you get someone to sign up they never send you the $200 or free doorbell camera. I have had people tell me they’ve tried to reach out multiple times about receiving their incentive but have no luck for months until they can reach someone reliable. Vivint also doesn’t tell you about the fine print reading which for some Police Departments they require a permit number, which is another expensive cost you have to pay your city hall for you to have the police dispatched in your area but they don’t tell you that until you request police or have police dispatched due to no response and then police won’t even respond because you don’t have a permit. When I tell customers that, they then ask what the point of the alarm system is. They have extremely bad customer service and I work there and know personally it is MUCH BETTER to spend your money somewhere else like Ring or ADT than with vivint. Vivint is overpriced and an unreliable alarm company. Please look into other options because if you do decide to go with vivint and then realize everything sucks from the alarm to the customer service, you won’t be able to get out of your contract and even if you can, they will tell you that the account has been taken down but it truly isn’t or you have to wait until the end of the month from when you requested to shut down the account even if you paid to get out of contract the account won’t really be taken down and then you could possibly be charged due to an alarm you never was still running and then police have to be dispatched. Also half the time, people don’t even have access to look at their cameras in there home even though that is a “feature” of vivint’s but the cameras barely. Please look elsewhere if you want peace of mind involving your home and this is coming from a current employee at Vivint who will not be working here for much longer!!

  • G Yow

    I was sent a bill by Vivint for $44.34 and they claimed that this is a dispatch fees. What dispatch? when nobody came to knock on my door and looking back at my Ring security Camera, the time vivant claimed of the dispatch, there were dispatch at my front door. I think this is a scam they are deploying and we just have to watch it. I am not happy with this fee plus when you call, you don’t get to talk to someone here in USA but instead in the Philippine and half the time I could not understand their English. Stay away from this company.

    • Sherry Simmons

      Vivint is shady. I blieve they run scams on you from the beginning. Your lucky if you catch it bf you get sucked in. I felt the same way ab the support. I also felt like they knew what was kinda goin on bc they couldn’t answer the pricing of the equip and the call got “dropped” 4 diff times. I was point blank asking a price and they acted like they didn’t kno what to say!

  • Tameka Highsmith

    I had appointment today between 8am and 12 pm i never received a phone call from Vivint to let me know when the tech was on his way. I was texting a manager while i was waiting on the tech then i looked at my phone i see the tech call once i called him back he informed me that my window was closed and i had to reschedule nobody called me from the office i had to call to see what was going on i feel it was unfair i stayed home all day for nothing and nobody even cares

  • Carmen Hernandez

    Horrible service. I paid off my equipment and they still want me in contract. I sold my house and the still want me to pay for the other owners service! Save money and stress. Don’t buy Vivint ever! The worst ‘

  • Dayna T

    This review of Vivint is so different than my actual experience with Vivint that it makes me question all reviews on this site. Vivint’s equipment is buggy as can be. Your options with the motion detection doorbell camera are either to be so sensitive it is constantly going off from wind blowing through trees or so insensitive they don’t pick up anything. The thermostat constant disconnects from the panel. I could go on, but that is just the equipment. Heaven help you if you ever move.

  • cleveland thomas

    Don’t waste your time doing business Vivint they will promise you the world and deliver nothing their customer service is sub par you will waste your time and money doing business with Vivint I waited three weeks for a install that never happened they will try to lock you into a long term agreement and give you dollar store equipment you have been warned.

  • jd

    DO NOT BUY VIVINT. Their equipment does not work without a monitoring service, so paying “up front” to avoid a long-term contact gets you nothing, and once you discontinue the monthly fees, you have nothing more than decorative wall hangings. It took four days to get through to their ‘customer loyalty’ group to discuss terminating my service–only to be told the only way to cancel was IN WRITING. Safe yourself a headache and avoid this company.

  • The Bee

    Dear Vivint:

    A sales rep came by on a Friday afternoon saying Vivint is looking for model homes to offer trials of their equipment and services. I agreed to the trial and the rep said he was going to work hard to make sure we got a good deal of $20 only to have the system and monitoring in our home for 3 days on a trial. He also said that he could get us the trial for 7 days instead of 3.

    The appointment took so long that I had to go to a doctor’s appointment but afterwards, he came back and we discussed it again. He said that actually the amount would be $70 for the trial. Strange.

    I still thought that we were getting a deal though, at 10 dollars a day for 7 days. I had him provide written confirmation that we would get the trial for 7 days, risk-free.

    The installation began within 20 minutes of talking to the rep – He was still on my couch when the installation tech showed up ready to install. I wouldn’t have agreed to this trial if I’d known I wouldn’t be able to schedule a time for the installation. This was in the middle of me needing to pick up my daughter from preschool. Guy wasn’t done until after my daughter had been in bed for an hour and a half – it took nearly 5 hours for the installation to complete.

    My husband and I tried to cancel later that evening. When my husband called, he sat through two waiting periods before finally being told that he would need to call back on Monday to speak with the Customer Loyalty Department about cancellation. During his phone call, however, he was also told that our rep should have never told us that he could get us 7 days instead of 3 because we would have been put under contract after the third day. I should also mention that the “assistant manager” who came to install the equipment also boasted that he could try to get us a full month before canceling the “trial”. Things started feeling sketchy at around this point in the ordeal.

    Anyway, the following Monday I called Vivint’s Customer Loyalty line and was very cordial when I explained that we wanted to cancel the trial. The rep said he would make a note in our account and gave us the date and time of our scheduled uninstall, which was going to be in 6 days. Great, fine.

    Later that day I was looking at my online banking statement because my debit card was declined during my lunch break. Come to find out, I was double charged the $76.46 (and my bank had a serious system failure causing no one’s deposits from the last three days to post which contributed to this issue, but I digress.)

    So I called Vivint a second time, livid, but didn’t swear. I think anyone in this situation after only 2-3 days would be absolutely equally upset, if not more so. I asked him when I could expect my refund of both charges. Justin said that one of the charges was from Citizens Bank and that it’s part of the trial. I said that can’t be right because they both show as identical charges. Regardless, I asked when I could expect to see my refund since I would be out nearly $160. He said that refunds couldn’t be issued until the equipment is removed from my home in 6 days. And he was very matter-of-fact, as if to say “sorry ’boutcha luck!”, when he said it.

    So essentially, I’m missing the better part of $200 for nearly a week, all because I decided to try out this new home security system. This has by far been a surprisingly terrible experience from day one, which only continues to get worse.

    The same rep, Justin, said that in order for cancellations to officially process I would need to submit a written request via email. This is something everyone in the line before him neglected to mention. And judging from the way our experience has been thus far, I’m not confident that the company would’ve acknowledged the error on their part – by not informing us – and not put us on the hook for the entire cost of the equipment plus monitoring – because of THEIR mistake.

    Nonetheless, I submitted the email and made sure to include the verbiage Justin said we needed to include in the email. I asked for a receipt of the email and have been told that most receipts are sent the following day of the request being sent. Alright, fine.

    Now, I spoke directly with my bank to ask them about this double charge. They said that they are both from the same entity, that there was no “Citizens Bank” anywhere that they could see. So they agreed to remove the second charge of $76.46 because it hadn’t posted yet.

    Afterwards, I called Vivint one more time to clarify this “double charge” because my bank gave me different information. The last rep I spoke to, Bain, said that there should only be a $76 charge AND a $52.41 charge. “Really?”

    As it turns out, the $52 charge came from Citizens Bank as a loan for the equipment / monitoring service — a charge I was told on the day the rep came to my house wouldn’t happen if I canceled within the 3-day (or 7-day) trial period. The rep told me that ONLY IF we decided to keep the system that we would be charged an additional cost of around $52. So basically, another lie.

    And then it begs the question – Why did Justin pretend that two identical charges of $76.46 was normal when, in fact, the actual amount should have been $52.41? Is it incompetence? Or was he just being passive aggressive because a JUSTIFIABLY ANGRY customer let him know how upsetting this experience has been and demanded to know when to expect a full refund?

    Bottom line, clearly no one at this company seems to know very KEY information about how this trial is supposed to work. Everyone we’ve encountered since the day the sales rep showed up at our door has only compounded the issues we’ve had by either misinforming us or just omitting information altogether.

    I’ve kept all emails, phone logs, bank information etc. and I plan to continue documenting every interaction with this company until every last piece of equipment has been removed and I receive every single penny that was taken from my account. I cannot recommend Vivint to anyone because of the way this was deeply mishandled every single step of the way.

    • Celeste Tholen

      Thank you for such a detailed comment and review of your experience! We’ve noted this for future rankings.

  • Peter Galles

    I want everybody to be aware that this company is by far the worst company I ever dealt with. The CEO Todd Pedersen himself does not care about customers. I reached out to him multiple times and he refuses to respond back to me showing what type of person he really is. He is a complete joke and so is his company. I was supposed to get cameras and a security system installed at my home yesterday and at the last minute they cancelled on me. I waited the whole day for them to show up and it never happened. They called me at the last minute to tell me that they’re canceling my install and that I will be put at the back of the list because they do not have any available install appointments until later on next week. I reached out to several management in the company including the CEO and their response was things happen, deal with it. I waited on hold all day yesterday for over an hour trying to get a resolution to this problem. I personally felt that the staff members should have done all this instead of me having to stay on hold and getting upset. We are just a number to Vivint. I hope and pray no one else would have to endure the problems and the disrespect that I received with Vivint

  • Lawson Maria

    Vivint is very hard to get out of 5 year contract! I had issues health wise in a house & had to move. I talked to 10 agents who each told me different things and it was a nightmare. I was told send a email stating that i was canceling….and i would be out of contract. Well months later I was sent into collections! Bill was $3,000! Finally my mom who is a very smart lady & tough mama bear called them & found out I couldnt get out until I paid the bank $600.00 for the Equipment . So I did this & finally Vivint man in billing reviewed my special circumstances & did release me but said would settle for 5 months payoff /write off of $300.00. So I did & thank God im out of the nightmare!! This would have ruined my credit if mom didnt help me! I never even knew I had signed a 5 year contract which is crazy! Be careful what u esign!

    Dont get into a contract with Vivint. They dont have everyone trained to tell you the true facts . If you dont get out of the contract you will be held responsible for the remainder of it at whatever months are left and what u pay each month. They lie & say you can turn in the system & be out but thats also a lie! Depends on who you talk to.


    I would do your research into this company before using them, they tell you one thing and do another just to get you signed up. I was suppose to have my system installed on Sunday but they canceled on me because the installer never showed up to work. When we rescheduled they tried to set it up for monday 12/2, I could not take off so we rescheduled for Tuesday 12/3 between the hours 10-12, when i called to see if i could get an earlier time they said my install was pushed back till 12/10. So you are telling me that i am getting punished for your installed canceling on me. I am about to spend over 1600 dollars on equipment and over 50 dollars a month for this service and this is how they treat there Customers, NO THANKS!!!! INSTALL WAS CANCELED!!!

  • Gavin Williams

    I have to agree with most everyone here. Vivint is a horrible company to deal with and is a joke of a security system. I had a system installed in two different homes. During the install of the security systems at home #1 the technician was extremely lazy and didn’t want to install the camera or hook up any of the pre existing vivint products from the previous installation. I had to have a second installer come out to finish the installation and still none of the window sensors are tied to the install. During the installation of home #2 I had another lazy installer that didn’t want to install the camera as well did a poor installation of the few pieced of equipment as well. The new motion sensor fell off the wall causing a false alarm and breaking the motion detector. The one camera that was installed on the second installation has failed as well and no longer works. These problems aren’t even the worst of it.

    To this date, I have never been given a invoice of what actual equipment had been installed in either house and what I’m paying for.

    Last but not least, I am selling one of the houses. They are attempting to charge me over $2000 for canceling my account for the one home. This is totally ridiculous. To top it all off, the system doesn’t work worth a crap anyway. I can never see the video from the doorbell quick enough to see who is there before they leave and it isn’t a fault of the internet connection. I have a super quick and dependable commercial internet account. Stay away from Vivint and ignore this sales add on this page.

  • Oldcargirl62

    This artivle should be updated. Not only have we had issue after issue, but the panel wouldn’t support recording and saving video as we were first told. I ended up buying the space monkey and they’ve discontinued the main app. The ONLY way to access the drive is from a mobile. Go ahead, try and review SECURITY video on your small phone. Then try and select and save clips that are 30 sec, 90 sec or 5 min. That’s your only choice. Takes for ever and half the emails have no attachment so you get to do it all over again. It removed the original date and time stamp rendering it useless as evidence.

  • Luka Miller

    Very expensive and terrible system and even worse customer service when trying to problem solve. Im locked into a 5 year contract and regret it. While out of the country or sitting in my home the ‘recording activity’ is completely inaccurate if anything at all. I had a break in at my front door and police confirmed the damage to my door, in front of the door bell cam, and recorded nothing, yet a leaf blows in the wind and I get a notice. TERRIBLE!!!

    • Lawson Maria

      U can get out of the contract. Call billing. I was able to break contract because I had to move from a mold infested house. I couldnt use the system in my new home. read my comment above…. dont give up! Once u pay off equipment at bank u can be released…make sure u send in writing that you want service canceled after u hurry & pay off bank. But call Billing to set this up….not reg agents!!

  • Ninjaneer

    After reading this whole article , why isn’t security covered ? As in how the panel responds when you enter the house and that delay for entering the code to disarm ?

    If i rush the panel and smash it with in the 15 second window , is the monitoring station made aware ?

    This is a good article on the product but where is the safety of how the security system works is not discussed which is important for a house alarm system