The Best Baby Monitors of 2022

We've factored house size, monitor range, and health variables into our best baby monitor picks to help your little one sleep safely.
Best overall
Best movement tracker
Best for budgets
Best non-Wi-Fi baby monitor
Best audio alerts

We like the Nanit Smart Pro Baby Monitor's breathing and tracking technology, crisp night vision, and diverse mounting options.

The Nanit's smartphone app lets you see and talk to your cutie pie from anywhere in the world, but sometimes it's nice to have a separate audio feed from a parent unit. We've narrowed down the best baby monitors on the market so you can find what you need. 

Compare the best baby monitors

Baby monitor
Breathing and movement monitoring
Maximum range
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Best overall
new nanit baby monitor

Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor Camera


Icon Yes  LightYes


Mobile app
Best movement detection

Babysense 7 Camera Bundle


Icon Yes  LightYes

960 ft.

Parent unit
Best for budgets

VTech Video Baby Monitor


Icon Yes  LightMovement only

1,000 ft.

Parent unit
Best non-Wi-Fi monitor
Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro


Icon No  LightNo

984 ft.

Parent unit
Best audio alerts
eufy baby monitorEufy Baby Monitor


Icon No  LightNo
460 ft.Parent unit

* prices as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

Best baby monitor reviews

1. Nanit Pro Smart: Best overall

* prices as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

With temperature and humidity sensors, sound and motion sensors, a gradually dimming night light, and an app that tracks sleep patterns, the Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor has just about everything—almost.

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet Sleep-tracking app
Pro Bullet Temperature and humidity sensors
Pro Bullet Photo/video saving and sharing
Pro Bullet Gradually dimming night light
Pro Bullet Sharp infrared night vision
Con Heading
Con Bullet No pan and tilt
Con Bullet App drains phone battery

This video baby monitor doesn’t have two-way communication or pan-and-tilt capability. But you can save and share photos and videos, and it rocks top-notch infrared night vision. Most impressively, it generates sleep trends and tips customized to your child.

It’s definitely one of the pricier monitors, but we like that it can also act as a traditional monitor so you can hear your baby even when your phone screen is locked.

Unfortunately, the app can also drain your phone’s battery, and the only way to avoid getting noise and movement alerts is to unplug the camera.

Other Nanit baby monitoring products

Nanit also recently launched a line of baby wearables that don't require sensors on your little one's skin. The new line includes the following products:

The Nanit cam scans the unique pattern on the fabric to track your baby's breathing, movement, and/or growth. 

Another popular accessory is the Nanit Multi-Stand, which makes it easy to take the camera with you when traveling.

Light Bulb
Wearable-free alternative

If you love the Nanit but don't like the wearables, check out the Miku. Comparable to the Nanit in nearly every way, it tracks breathing and movement without special PJs. The Miku's main downside is its price: nearly $400 on Amazon.

2. Babysense 7 Camera Bundle: Best movement sensor

Best movement sensor

* prices as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

The Babysense 7 is used by medical professionals throughout Europe, Asia, and Australia. It has two pads that fit under your crib mattress to monitor your baby's movements without coming into contact with your baby.

It will alert you with an alarm if your infant hasn't moved in 20 seconds.

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet No-contact sensors
Pro Bullet Pan-and-tilt camera
Pro Bullet Two-way audio
Con Heading
Con Bullet Prone to false alarms

Because the Babysense plugs into the wall (cords are safely tucked away from little hands) and the monitor attaches to the crib, there are no batteries to charge or additional units that can be misplaced.

The only downside to the Babysense is that it's prone to false alarms, but you can avoid them by adjusting the sensitivity as your child grows.

New camera bundle

Babysense now sells pan-and-tilt cameras and parent units. We think the split-screen bundle pack offers the best value. Our only complaint is that the alarm for the movement sensor isn't part of the parent unit. But it blares loudly enough that it will wake you from a deep sleep, so you don't have to worry about not hearing it.

3. VTech Video Baby Monitor: Best for budgets

Best for budgets

* prices as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

One of the most budget-friendly monitors available is the VTech Video Baby Monitor. It has all the simplicity of a traditional monitor, with a boost of modern technology in the form of two-way talk, digital sound (no white noise), and a 1,000-foot range.

You can set the parent unit to a silent alert, giving you light cues or vibration when sound is detected.

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet Affordable
Pro Bullet Two-way talk
Pro Bullet Temperature sensor
Con Heading
Con Bullet Limited features
Con Bullet Small screen
Con Bullet Limited zoom

You'll need to charge the VTech parent unit every day because its battery lasts just 9 hours. The screen is also incredibly small, (2.8 inches x 2.8 inches). With just 2x zoom, it can be hard to see what your baby's doing at night. 

This isn't a pan-and-tilt camera, so it may not work for a crib-climber. 

4. Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro: Best non-Wi-Fi baby monitor

Best non-Wi-Fi monitor

* prices as of post date Read full disclaimer.

The Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro is a simple, user-friendly video baby monitor with solid features like two-way audio, a room temperature sensor, and a remote pan-and-tilt capability. You can rest assured that the video feed is completely private, as this monitor doesn't connect to Wi-Fi.

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet High-quality night vision
Pro Bullet Remote pan and tilt
Pro Bullet Two-way talk
Pro Bullet Room temperature sensor
Pro Bullet 6x zoom
Con Heading
Con Bullet Short battery life
Con Bullet Long charge time
Con Bullet Loud out-of-range and low-battery alarm
Con Bullet No movement or breathing monitoring

We like that it comes with multiple, easy-to-swap lenses so you can choose between standard and zoom, or you can purchase a wide-angle lens for about $12 on Amazon. If that doesn't provide enough coverage, you can add up to three additional cameras.

It comes with a wall-mount kit for your baby's room, but you can also purchase a flexible arm to mount it to the crib. The parent monitor unit is lightweight with intuitive controls.

The only downside to this monitor is its less-than-stellar rechargeable battery. You can expect to keep it on the charger for about seven hours for a full charge, and it'll only last about six hours off the charger. We recommend purchasing the external battery pack for all-night coverage.

The alarm feature can also be a hassle—expect a noisy alert if the battery is low or if the monitor gets too far out of range of the camera.

5. Eufy Video Baby Monitor: Best audio alerts

Best audio alerts

* prices as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

The Eufy Video Baby Monitor knows the difference between background noise and your baby's gurgles or whimpers. You won't get alerts every five seconds, nor will you accidentally tune out your baby while listening to a constant audio stream. 

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet 5 in. screen
Pro Bullet Remote pan and tilt
Pro Bullet Two-way talk
Pro Bullet Room temperature sensor
Pro Bullet 15-hour battery
Con Heading
Con Bullet Shorter range
Con Bullet No movement or breathing tracking

This non-Wi-Fi unit is similar to the Infant Optics Pro in terms of features and specs, but it has a smaller range. The company notes that the parent unit has a range of up to 1,000 feet if there are no obstacles (like walls) in the way. The unit's practical range is around 460 feet, which is sufficient for most homes.

Like the Infant Optics Pro, the Eufy is a pan-and-tilt camera with an optional wide-angle lens, and you can connect a total of four cameras to the parent unit.

Although we haven't had a chance to test this baby monitor hands-on, we're pretty impressed with the quality of Eufy cameras in general. Read more in our Eufy cameras review.

Final word

We think the Nanit Pro Smart is a great baby monitor that matches the budget and expectations of many parents, which is why it earned the top spot in our list. But we found each of these baby monitors to be high-quality and well-reviewed. There's enough variety on this list that you're sure to find the one that meets your needs.

Baby monitor FAQ

We often think of night vision technology as something intimidating that soldiers and spies use, but it’s completely harmless and very useful for a baby video monitor.

Night vision video monitors do the same thing that amplifiers (like microphones or hearing aids) do with sound, only with light:

  1. Light particles enter the camera lens.
  2. The light particles convert to electricity.
  3. They're then amplified, producing a brighter image.

This helps you see your little one clearly even while they’re sleeping soundly in a dark room. They don’t pose any threat to your baby’s health.

Parents are all different, and the best way to determine what’s right for your baby is to consider your own concerns and needs as a parent.

  • Routine: When you put your baby down for a nap, do you listen for their cries or do you tiptoe into the room to look in on them?
  • Location: Does your baby sleep in the same room as you at night, or in a room farther away?
  • Concerns: Do you worry more about their safety or about their comfort and sleep habits?

Answering these questions can help you determine what type of baby monitor will best fit your needs:

  • Basic: You may want a basic health monitor with an audible alarm for when your child is sleeping nearby.
  • Video: Or you may feel more comfortable keeping an eye on them with a video monitor.
  • Affordable: A less expensive and more traditional sound-only monitor might be sufficient if your child is older.

Or you might decide on some combination of any of these.

Unfortunately, yes. As convenient as Wi-Fi video baby monitors are, they can be hacked, so you should take safety precautions if you choose to use one in your home:

  • Use a strong password for the monitoring device.
  • Change passwords frequently.
  • Be sure your Wi-Fi password is strong as well.
  • Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) can give you an additional layer of protection.

If you don’t have a reason to access the video monitor from outside your home, we recommend playing it safe and sticking with a camera without a Wi-Fi connection.

Yes. The good news is that the rise in concerns over hacking has manufacturers putting tougher safeguards on video monitor software and programming. Every baby video monitor we’ve featured in this list has those safeguards in place.

  • Nanit keeps hackers at bay by using cloud computing technology.
  • The Miku Pro uses encryption and two-factor authentication to protect its users.
  • The Infant Optics DXR 8  uses a wireless FHSS transmission, which constantly switches frequencies to shake hackers and keep your signal completely private.

How we reviewed the best baby monitors

We studied the most important features parents look for in baby monitors and then compared that with the top products available. We considered price, features, and user reviews to bring you our favorites. Whether you want to track your baby's movement or your baby's breathing, we found the top options across the board.

To learn more about our research and testing methods, take a look at our methodology.

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